We sell a huge range of antique clocks & barometers
We usually have more items on display than anyone else in the county. Whatever your budget we will probably have something
to suit you.

Items that you will always find in stock:
Longcase Clocks (GRANDFATHER), Grandmother Clocks, Granddaughter Clocks, a full range of Wall clocks, Mantel Clocks, Small Edwardian pieces and a full range of Carriage Clocks, Torsion (Anniversary) and visible escapement French clocks. Mecurial Barometers and Aneroid Barometers.
At any one time you will find over 150 items on display and because we also repair clocks, all our clocks are in great working order. We also carry a wide range of barometers from the more expensive Mercurial Wheel barometers through to the smaller Edwardian and later Aneriod units.

We spend time with each and every customer to make sure they understand how the Antique they buy functions - as many clocks and barometers are badly damaged by lack of sales advice. Our stock is forever changing and our website only shows some of the items we sell, so please contact us or pop in at your convenience.

Click on one of the below to view a small selection

Antique Corner, 86 Bryants Hill, St George, Bristol BS5 8QT