Clocks... If it once ticked, we can fix it!
There really isn’t much we cannot repair. Obviously some clocks are uneconomic to coax back to life, but we understand that sometimes low value clocks have HUGE sentimental value - and in real terms more value than Big Ben. We repair all types of clocks from Longcase, Wall Clocks - including English Fusee', Double Weighted, Single Weighted and Spring Driven Vienna Regulators, right through to Nelson Hat and Anniversary (TORSION) clocks. And we don't take months to do it, About 2/3 weeks is our average time. Plus when you get it back, you will be told the specific do's and don'ts. They are all different!

Where do we go for a barometer repair?
You've probably found that there aren't too many of us around, but rest assured, not only do we appreciate these fine instruments,
we understand them! If we service or repair your treasured unit,
we will tell you how it works and what to expect from it!

Antique Corner, 86 Bryants Hill, St George, Bristol BS5 8QT